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The energy healing practiced by Elena Eustache, PhD, called the Yuen Method™, taps into the energy of negative emotions, memories, and thoughts, and then releases them, clearing away the weak energy and quickly healing the problem it caused. Dr. Elena Eustache Virtual in Beverly Hills, California, offers energy healing via telemedicine, a convenient and highly effective way to restore positive energy. To learn if energy healing can help you overcome pain, illness, or life challenges, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Energy Healing Q & A

What is energy healing?

Energy healing generally refers to manipulating the energy in your body to promote natural healing. There are several types of energy healing. One of the best known energy therapies, acupuncture, physically affects the meridians of energy that flow through your body systems.

Dr. Eustache practices the Yuen Method of Chinese energetics. This approach to energy healing, created by Kam Yeung, DC, focuses on the quantum level of energy that resides at the cellular level.

Dr. Yeung combined Chinese Shaolin temple healing with modern Western knowledge, creating a systematic process that taps into the subconscious energy that causes your problems. Once the negative energy is released, optimal health and wellness is restored.

What problems improve with energy healing?

Your body, mind, and emotions are all energy-based. When you feel a negative emotion, for example, that energy affects your body and is implanted in your subconscious as a painful, negative memory. 

Physical pain, illness, finances, relationships, and other life problems are caused by negative energy that resides in your subconscious. All these challenges improve with energy healing.

As a result of the negative or weak energy, you develop problems such as chronic pain, relationships that fail, and financial difficulties. Once the source of the problem is identified and released using the Yuen energetic technique, you can heal and transform your life.

What should I expect during energy healing?

Unlike methods such as acupuncture, energy healing doesn’t require physical touch, so it’s a therapy you can receive via telemedicine. You may need one session or multiple sessions, depending on the extent of your challenges.

When you have your teleconference with Dr. Eustache, she guides you through the Yuen process. She asks you questions about your current problems, identifies the problem’s source, and then corrects the problem by releasing the negative or weak energy.

Most patients find that releasing low-energy emotions, thoughts, and experiences has an immediate effect on their physical and mental health. 

With the Yuen Method, you can intuitively create a clean slate of energy, shifting your energy from a negative, weak state to a positive energy state and higher potential.

If you have questions about energy healing, call the office of Dr. Elena Eustache Virtual or schedule a telemedicine appointment online.