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Losing the essence of yourself is easy to do as you embrace multiple roles in your life. Being a wife, mother, and working in or out of your home becomes all-consuming, and along the way, it’s easy to stop taking care of your own needs. Elena Eustache, PhD, specializes in femininity counseling, and she offers coaching and the support you need to regain your own identity and thrive in the midst of a busy life. To learn more about how femininity counseling can help you, call Dr. Elena Eustache Virtual in Beverly Hills, California, or schedule an appointment online.

Femininity Counseling Q & A

What is femininity counseling?

Femininity counseling embraces the spectrum of challenges facing women when they marry or commit to a relationship, have children, and go through life devoted to caring for their families.

As a love and relationship expert and an experienced psychologist, Dr. Eustache has worked with many women who lost their identity or neglected their own wellness as they lovingly filled the roles of wife and mom.

As more time goes by without caring for yourself, discontent slowly sneaks into your consciousness. Then you may develop a short temper or feel depressed, anxious, or discontented because your life is defined by your partner and children.

Femininity counseling is all about overcoming these common challenges. Dr. Eustache helps you identify your concerns and offers one-on-one coaching, teaching you to tap into the strength of your femininity and regain your self-identity.

Can I rebuild my own identity during femininity counseling?

In the early years of every relationship and again after marriage, partners tend to share everything and do everything together. Over time, many women merge into being a couple or a mom and lose their own identity.

Many variables affect the dynamic of losing your individuality. Factors such as whether you work outside the home, if you have children, and the dynamics of your relationship with your partner have an impact.

With femininity counseling, you can overcome this challenge and learn to rebuild your identity. Dr. Eustache uses different coaching methods to help you define the pieces you gave away. For example, some women never spend time alone or give up their spiritual practice.

Working together, Dr. Eustache provides support as you actively take the steps needed to reach your goal and reclaim your whole self.

Will femininity counseling help restore intimacy in my relationship?

Dr. Eustache often helps women restore intimacy in their romantic relationships. Fully honoring your feminine energy, however, begins with taking care of yourself, rebuilding your self-esteem, and learning how to communicate in a loving, honest way with your partner.

In femininity counseling, Dr. Eustache often uses Androgynous Semantic Realignment® (ASR), a cognitive behavioral technique that improves communication by replacing negative language with positive words. 

If you feel stuck and unable to find yourself, call Dr. Elena Eustache Virtual or schedule an appointment with the online booking tool.