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Even when your marriage problems spiral out of control, you can still rebuild your relationship with the help of Elena Eustache, PhD, in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Eustache believes that if there’s love, there’s hope for restoring your marriage by learning the art of loving communication, restoring respect, and learning to honor the unique qualities of feminine and masculine energy. Holistic marriage counseling is offered through telemedicine at Dr. Elena Eustache Virtual. If you need help with your relationship, call the office or connect with Dr. Eustache online.

Marriage Counseling Q & A

When should I seek marriage counseling?

Though it’s ideal to seek marriage counseling as soon as you recognize conflict and discontent in your relationship, most couples don’t meet with a marriage counselor until their problems have caused considerable damage, and they’re on the verge of separating.

If you’re uncertain about whether you need marriage counseling, consider talking with Dr. Eustache when you struggle with problems such as:

  • Difficulty communicating
  • Negative or disrespectful communication
  • Disagreements over money
  • Conflicting parenting styles
  • Sexual dissatisfaction or dysfunction
  • Alcohol or drug addiction in one or both partners
  • Problems with anger management
  • Mental or emotional abuse
  • Infidelity and loss of trust


Marriage counseling can also help you navigate life challenges such as the stress caused by losing a job or when one partner is diagnosed with an illness or mental health disorder.

What should I expect during marriage counseling?

Dr. Eustache brings a wide range of therapeutic experience to your counseling sessions. She focuses on identifying your unique challenges and teaches you how to work together with your partner to overcome the problems in your marriage.

In addition, Dr. Eustache brings back the qualities couples had at the beginning of their relationship and marriage. She helps couples work together to navigate kids, work, and life, and to reignite the spark in their relationship.

She specializes in femininity counseling that helps women get back in touch with their feminine side, and teaches about honoring the differences between masculine energy and feminine energy.

One of the most important aspects of marriage counseling is helping you to communicate honestly and lovingly. She teaches love languages, showing you how to help one another and love each other in the best way.

Dr. Eustache often uses Androgynous Semantic Realignment® (ASR). ASR is a cognitive behavioral approach that teaches couples to identify masculine and feminine qualities that shape the way they communicate, then shows them how to improve their communication by eliminating negative language.

Can I have marriage counseling without my partner?

Dr. Eustache schedules one-on-one and couples counseling. Whether or not your partner agrees to counseling, you can benefit from individual counseling that focuses on building your self-esteem, improving your communication style, and facing your individual challenges.

However, the overall effectiveness of marriage counseling depends on engaging both partners and each person’s willingness to make the changes needed to restore a healthy marriage.

How do I schedule virtual marriage counseling?

After initially contacting Dr. Eustache by phone or sending a message online, she schedules your marriage counseling using Zoom conferences. 

If your marriage needs the loving support of an exceptional counselor, call the office of Dr. Elena Eustache Virtual or connect with her online today.