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You may have dreams that seem impossible to achieve or wonder why you just can’t seem to advance in your job. No matter what type of life or relationship challenge you encounter, motivational coaching with Dr. Elena Eustache Virtual in Beverly Hills, California, can help you overcome your obstacles and teach you how to reach your goals. Elena Eustache, PhD, offers an honest evaluation, guidance for setting goals, and the support you need to move forward into a thriving life. To learn if motivational coaching is right for you, call the office or connect online.

Motivational Coaching Q & A

What is motivational coaching?

A motivational coach offers what you might expect — plenty of support and encouragement. But when you’re stuck at work, in life, or with your relationships, you need more than a cheerleader.

Dr. Eustache works with you to identify the challenges that prevent you from achieving the life you envision. She offers objective advice and teaches you how to move forward.

During motivational coaching, you can expect to receive help with:

  • Evaluating your current situation
  • Defining your goals
  • Setting measurable objectives
  • Creating a plan to reach your goals
  • Assessing your progress along the way
  • Modifying your plan when needed
  • Overcoming negative mindsets and habits
  • Moving beyond procrastination

The success of your motivational coaching depends on your willingness to take action and stick with the plan. That’s why another vital role of a motivational coach is holding you accountable and not letting you backslide from meeting your objectives.

What should I expect during motivational coaching?

Dr. Eustache has extensive training from top names in the field of motivational coaching, such as Tony Robbins and Mastery in Transformational Training (MITT). She draws from her experience and skills to create a coaching program that works for the goals and style of each individual.

Motivational coaches identify problems that most people don’t see as they go through their daily routines. The type of problem differs for each person, but common roadblocks to success often center around a negative or self-defeating mindset, loss of energy or confidence, and routinely taking the same action or approach even though it doesn’t move you forward.

During your motivational coaching, Dr. Eustache shares her objective viewpoint and teaches you how to change your approach. She gives you homework that guides you through the process of identifying destructive thoughts and behaviors and creating new, constructive behavior patterns that support your goals.

As your coach, Dr. Eustache takes an action-based approach so you learn how to structure your life. Within 3-6 months, you can move on, only needing occasional check-ins rather than years of ongoing therapy.

What type of master class can I receive during motivational coaching?

Dr. Eustache may recommend a master class that supports your goals. For example, you may benefit from a masterclass in femininity, feminine energy versus masculine energy, relationships, or parenting.

Whether you were passed over for a promotion, you’re stuck in a job you don’t love, or you have a dream you’re not sure how to pursue, motivational coaching can help.

To learn more about motivational coaching, call Dr. Elena Eustache Virtual or use online booking to make your appointment.