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Elena Eustache, PhD

Telemedicine & Mental Health Counselor located in Beverly Hills, CA

Life stress, difficulty communicating, and lack of self-confidence can take a toll on your romantic and non-romantic relationships. When you struggle to build healthy relationships or your partner doesn’t respond to your needs, it can affect your emotional and physical wellness. Elena Eustache, PhD, helps people, including a variety of celebrity clients, learn to communicate honestly while treating others -- and themselves -- with love and respect. Located in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Elena Eustache Virtual offers relationship counseling to individuals and couples via Zoom telemedicine calls. To schedule a virtual consultation, call the office or book online today.

Relationship Counseling Q & A

What is relationship counseling?

Relationship counseling with Dr. Eustache helps individuals and couples develop skills that improve their ability to treat themselves and each other with respect and care. 

She helps you build self-esteem, confidence, and communication skills so you can ask for and receive the things you need from relationships, and offer the same to your partner. This applies to romantic partners and other types of interpersonal relationships.

Working with Dr. Eustache gives you the opportunity to discuss your troubles with a compassionate and neutral third party who has extensive training and experience helping people with their relationships. 

Through Dr. Eustache’s unique system for personal growth and success in life, you can transform your relationships so that you experience less conflict, more satisfaction, and an abundance of love. 

Is relationship counseling right for me?

If you struggle with dating or when relating to your romantic partner, or you have problems with family, friends, or coworkers, you could benefit from relationship counseling.

You should consider relationship counseling if:

  • You frequently have stressful interactions with loved ones
  • You “beat yourself up” because of your relationship issues
  • You feel like you never get what you need from your relationships
  • You constantly worry about your relationships
  • You feel cut off from your partner or loved one
  • Your relationships keep ending badly 

If you’re single and you’d like to find a partner, but you feel scared, worried, or hopeless about dating or meeting someone new, you could also benefit from relationship counseling with Dr. Eustache.

How does relationship counseling work?

Dr. Eustache has helped many people, including a variety of celebrity clients, transform their relationships by using her signature system. She has developed a series of strategies based on a cognitive-behavioral modification technique called Androgynous Semantic Realignment® (ASR). 

ASR identifies the masculine and feminine energies that both men and women use when approaching life situations. Dr. Eustache’s unique approach helps you change negative thought patterns and communicate authentically with others. 

Relationship counseling trains you to:

  • Communicate with compassion 
  • Confront others in a respectful, cherishing manner
  • Achieve fundamental self-esteem 

Dr. Eustache also incorporates personal wellness coaching within her protocol, as robust health supports a positive mood and self-image.

To end the negativity and despair surrounding your relationships, call the office of Dr. Elena Eustache Virtual to schedule a Zoom call, or request an appointment online today.